The Golden Nugget is Expanding

 The Golden Nugget has been a feature of downtown Las Vegas since 1905 and has been through many owners in its time. The latest owners have got big plans to drag the 107 year old hotel resort in to the future and ensure that it will be a feature for many years more.


The owners Landry have plans to transform an already classy and attractive resort in to an even classier and more attractive venue for Vegas vacationers. They include the large addition of multiple restaurants and clubs in to the main concourse of the hotel as well as a complete remodel of the open public spaces. The pool area is now a greater size and includes a shark tank. The casino is being enlargened to include an extra 400 slot machines as well as 10 new gaming tables for the higher rollers.


In total, the Golden Nugget will be adding 11,000 square foot of convention space as weel as a brand new shiny 4,500 square foot lounge aptly named Gold Diggers. We look forward to seeing the end result which is due to be completed in 2013.

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