O’Sheas Las Vegas To Close Down

Aside from Luxor going to Hilton, there’s some more news on the state of the strip: The cherished O’Sheas Casino found in the Las Vegas strip will shut down its operation to pave way to the grander and bigger casino named The Ling. The O’Sheas which is a storefront casino of the strip is beloved by tourists and locals. it has a very casual and friendly people and a choice of those who wants to have a quick goodtime, free entertainment and cheap booze.

The official closing date of O’Sheas is April 30, 2012 and its main reason is that its space will be used by the up and coming behemoth The Ling. The closing is actually a sad news for O’Sheas loyal and patronizers for the place has been close to their hearts. O’Sheas is probably the only casino which offers a Strip Poker that is a few feet away from the strip. It also has some of the best acoustic sessions in the strip and surprising shows which are for free. From rock and roll shows to comedy acts and even just fooling other people and making fun of them and just about everything.

O’Sheas is under the Ceasar’s management which also is handling The Ling  so we expect and hope that all O’Sheas employees will just be transferred to other establishments owned by Ceasar’s. It is bad enough knowing that one of the friendliest casinos in Las Vegas is closing and it would surely break our hearts to know that the staff and crew of O’Sheas will also be jobless.

The Ling promises to reface the Las Vegas scene with its high-tech amusement offerings but that would not be enough for us to remember the good ol’days of O’sheas especially its cheap drinks, free shows, tattoos and Dirk Arthur’s Cats.

That is actually a huge question that needs to be answered. Where will be Dirk Arthur and his tigers be transferred?

We still have more than a month to enjoy O’Sheas and expect more cheap drinks and free fun and wild block parties in the coming days.

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